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About KiduNotifier

About KiduNotifier

Are you struggling to convert website visitors?

KiduNotifier is here to provide easiest way to increase online conversions without much of an effort. KiduNotifier helps you to integrate social proof notification in your website easily and with few simple steps.

KiduNotifier is a complete website notification platform with the ability to create and manage campaigns and notifications for any of your own websites while generating great analytics and having possibilities to track and keep conversions from the specific websites that you have.

Our mission is to help websites convert their visitors and increase sales, trust so they become repeat customers and you can enjoy boost in revenue.

We have launched our services in Jul 2020 and it is growing since then. Now we have more than 50+ users and shown 261,660+ notifications on various websites.

Our team is based in INDIA and can be reached via email - mail@kidunotifier.com

Company Address:

ITS - Info Twist Solutions
North Square Building, Paramara Road,
Cochin - 18, Kerala, India

Last updated on: 15 April, 2024