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KiduNotifier Pixel Code Handling WordPress Plugin 1 minutes read

KiduNotifier Pixel Code Handling plugin Allows you to integrate KiduNotifier pixel code in to your WordPress site.


If you are running a WordPress site and you would like to integrate KiduNotifier pixel code easily to add our website notification notifications to your website. This plugin will do all the magic. Just Add it, activate and put your KiduNotifier pixel code.

All you have to do is adding your profile KiduNotifier pixel code.

Example :

The plugin should be compatible with WooCommerce.

Almost all WordPress theme do support this (KiduNotifier Pixel Code Handling) plugin. If the website notification notifications are not appearing in your site ask for support or look at your theme file if they have standard `wp_head` and `wp_footer` hooks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How could I access support and troubleshoot problem?

I could not handle wordpress.org forums on regular basis. You are suggested to visit kidunotifier.com for more updated plugin documentation and troubleshoot your problem.

Q: Is there any paid version of the plugin available?

Nope, There is none. You have just to subscribe to KiduNotifier service to be able to get your own pixel code and integrate it.

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Last updated on: 19 May, 2024